Wood Fired Oven

Wood Fired Oven Podcast Trailer

July 19, 2021 Mark Goston Season 1
Wood Fired Oven
Wood Fired Oven Podcast Trailer
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Have you ever wondered how to build a wood fired (pizza) oven? Perhaps you already have one in your back yard - but you need some tips and tricks to supercharge your cooking? Fire after all is a tricky beast. Interested in the history behind these ancient oven designs? 

Check out the trailer for my new Wood Fired Oven podcast. Lots happening over the coming weeks - so make sure you follow to keep up to date.

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Check out my favourite books. They have helped me a lot, both with cooking in my wood fired oven and learning to cook with fire.

Gidday,  Welcome to the Wood Fired Oven podcast where I take a deep dive into the techniques, recipes and history of wood fired oven cooking. 

My name is Mark, and I’m fairly obsessed with cooking with fire. 

I’m also going to chat with some amazing folks that blow me away with their outdoor cooking skills…. as I go searching for the best inside tips and advice…… to both supercharge mine and your cooking skills and motivate you to crank up your favourite outdoor cooking gear this weekend.

So, if you are thinking of building a wood fired oven, have already started your cooking with fire journey, maybe you’re a  smoker or BBQ fanatic - like me, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Now, over the coming weeks I'm going to be releasing a whole bunch of episodes  - covering quite an eclectic mix of Wood Fired Oven related stuff.

My first first episode - which is dropping soon, will take a close look at my wood fired oven  - its a kit by the friendly folks down at the Melbourne Fire Brick Company in Victoria, Australia. I'm going to chat about what motivated me to build my oven, over about a four month period and what lessons I learned. It might help you if you are thinking of building your own oven.

I’m going to include lots of episodes on wood fired oven recipes - particularly those that challenge our preconceived ideas about what a wood fired ‘pizza’ oven can do. 

Now, I love history - especially ancient classical history - and there is a lot to learn from the past about cooking with fire and hot bricks. The romans were masters with their brick ovens - so I will take a  look from time to time at the history of these wonderful cooking ovens - and what lessons we can continue to apply today.

I’m a pretty curious guy, so I like playing with different and unique cooking tools, and over the coming weeks i'm going to be discussing some of those, including  cooking in tangines and using medieval flambadou’s. 

I’m also here to answer your questions or to chat about things you would like to hear about. So catch up with me at my website - woodfiredoven.cooking, over on instagram or on YouTube.

There are a huge range of really helpful books out there that have helped me enormously. I will be working thru my bookshelf - recommending a few of these to you. 

If you are already cooking with a Wood Fired Oven, I’d love to have you on as a guest on my podcast - reach out to me and let's see if we can get it sorted.

So, make sure you follow this podcast in your favourite app to get new episodes as I roll them out.

You can also head over to woodfiredovenpodcast.com to get episode links and other useful information about our podcast.

Hey, thanks for listening - and stay tuned for our first full length episode dropping soon.